Creating wildflower-rich areas

Creating wildflower-rich areas

Being part of the government’s Countryside Stewardship scheme, means that we are committed to managing a landscape that is rich in wildlife. 

Approximately 10% of our land is now wildflower-rich, through the planting of wildflower seeds, wild bird seed and pollen and nectar mixes, creating flourishing wildflower corridors that are a valuable food source for both pollinating insects and wild birds. 

This April, our team has been busy preparing another area of land near to the Estate Office. We have now sown a traditional British native wildflower meadow mix from Meadowmania, which consists of 12 wildflower and 7 grass species.  

From this ‘bee friendly’ mix, we are looking forward to seeing annuals such as borage, field poppies and cornflowers, then a lovely range of nine perennials, including red and white campions, wild red clover, oxe eye daisies and yarrow. 

Over the next few weeks, we will keep the seeds watered, and hungry birds away for now, then we hope to share some more photos with you later this year!

July update – here are some photos of our wildflower area – bursting with colour and buzzing with activity… 

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